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Engineering Excellence in Power Systems

TerraWatt's engineering expertise is at the core of transforming designs into reality. Our team excels in the intricate aspects of power system engineering, including power system protection, IEC61850 integration, SCADA system engineering, and remote control (RTU) engineering.

We are committed to engineering solutions that are not only technically sound but also sustainable and forward-thinking, contributing to the advancement of the electrical infrastructure industry.

With our expertise in critical infrastructure projects, we offer comprehensive engineering solutions to ensure seamless operations. Our team combines industry knowledge with innovative approaches to design, optimize, and implement electrical systems. 

From feasibility studies to detailed engineering, we provide reliable and efficient engineering solutions for your projects.

Protection and Control Relays Engineering
  • Advanced Relay Engineering: Specializing in the engineering of protection and control relays to ensure system safety and efficiency.
  • Custom Configuration: Tailoring relay settings and functionalities to specific project needs, ensuring optimal performance in diverse electrical environments.
SCADA and Remote Control (RTU)
  • SCADA Systems Development: Designing and implementing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for enhanced monitoring and control.
  • RTU Solutions: Engineering Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) for reliable and efficient remote control and data acquisition in electrical networks.
IEC61850 Integration
  • Seamless System Integration: Expertise in integrating IEC61850 standards, enhancing communication and interoperability in electrical systems.
  • Future-Proof Networks: Implementing advanced communication protocols to facilitate smart grid applications and modern infrastructure demands.
Protection Setting Implementation
  • Optimized Protection Settings: Developing and implementing protection settings for electrical systems, ensuring maximum reliability and responsiveness.
  • System Calibration: Precise calibration of protection devices to match the specific parameters and operational conditions of each project.
Electrical System Design and Optimization
  • Comprehensive Electrical Design: Offering full-scale electrical system design, from initial concept to detailed engineering plans.
  • System Optimization: Focusing on efficiency and sustainability, optimizing electrical systems for peak performance and minimal environmental impact.
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